Friday, April 1, 2011

Did we actually go to the moon?

People are always looking for a conspiracy. When people who formulate these conspiracy theories were looking into the Apollo moon landing, they found information that raised questions. From these questions which they never actually looked into an answer for, they concluded that the United States never made it to the moon. All of the mission information was staged so that the US could win the "space race."

One of the biggest questions raised is the fact that there are no stars in any of the pictures. Also, the astronauts even stated to not have seen any stars. This was actually due to that fact that all of the missions took place during the day. The light from the sun is too strong during the day and would prevent the astronauts from seeing the stars. Another question that was raised was about the background in the photos of the landing sight were identical even though they were stated to be in different locations. In actuallity, the backgrounds were just very similar, not the exactly the same. The next idea is that a flag can't wave when there is not any wind. In photos, the flag only seems to look like it is waving because the astronaunts moved it into place. When they relased the flag, it swung back and forth like a pendulum. The last idea is that the astronauts could not have survived the trip because of the radiation. In reality, the astronauts were insulated enough to survive the trip but the slight radiation exposure has cause an early onset of cataracts. All of this goes to show that the United States did infact make it to the moon.

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  1. Seriously? We went to the moon? I think not Mr. Dean. The evidence against the moon landing is overwhelming!!! I bet you're in the Humanity in Space course with Luis Pena? He has brainwashed your feeble mind!! I'd bet you dont believe there was a second shooter in the Kennedy assassination right? Hahaha good post but you need to do better research. Im not to fond of the links you chose either but thats fine. I would love to meet up with you after class one day to debate and discuss the issue. Let me know? ;)