Thursday, March 10, 2011


There is always something mystical about the night sky. Looking up and seeing clear skies and the stars is something of amazement. Not knowing how far away they really are, and whether or not something else is out there. It's not hard to see why people put a lot of faith into the stars. But are the stars really able to predict how your day is going to go, or your month? Astrologers have never really explained how astrology works, that is how positions of different astronomical bodies supposedly have different effects upon different people. Bart Bok, the former president of the American Astronomical Society, said:

Many believers in astrology have suggested that each planet issues a different variety of special as-yet-undetected radiations or "vibrations" . . . [but] there is apparently conclusive evidence that the sun, moon, planets, and stars are all made of the same stuff, varieties and combination's of atomic particles and molecules, all governed by uniform laws of physics. It does not make sense to suppose that the various planets and the moon, all with rather similar physical properties, could manage to affect human affairs in totally dissimilar fashion.

There have been many tests done to try and prove that astrological signs can actually predict. "Michigan State University psychologist Bernie Silberman asked astrologers to list compatible and incompatible signs. Silberman then inspected the records of 478 couples who divorced and 2978 who married in 1967 and 1968 in Michigan. He found no correspondence beyond that of random chance between the astrological signs predicted to be compatible or incompatible by astrologers and the signs of those getting married or divorced."

French statistician Michel Gauquelin examined the signs (moon, zodiacal, planetary, ascendant, and mid-heaven) for 15,560 professionals from five European nations in 10 different occupations. He found no evidence of any astrological effects. His calculations showed that the correlation between astrological signs and occupations to be that of random chance.

Due to this scientific evidence one can see that daily horoscopes are in fact fiction, and their general predictions are bound to relate to anyone's life.

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  1. I'm so glad someone posted something about this. My friends swear by horoscopes, even I find myself thinking wow that actually me also. I didnt know there had been any investigations on this though, so I like ur post its very interesting. I was thinking also the vagueness of them, like the cold readings I was just reading one, and one was really vague. So vague, that like the cold readings, it fits almost everyone. I do think its by random chance, too because sometimes they seem really right, and sometimes they seem really off. I think the vagueness has a big thing to do with it. Thanks for posting something on this, this was a really good topic.