Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Why Doomsday Preppers are Laughing at Us

Doomsday preppers, as of 2 months ago, were laughed at by the common person, but as of March 2020 that has changed. Almost everyone in America has started a stockpile of some sort to prepare for the bad conditions that may come about. People who have been preparing for the so-called “end” were ready when the nation was told to stay in their homes. This brings out the irony of how people were watching preppers on TV and laughing at how ridiculous they sounded to now the preppers watching facebook videos of adults fighting over the last roll of toilet paper at Walmart, while they sit pretty at home without having to worry. Of course the new disease outbreak is not the end of the world, but maybe people were wrong to judge these preppers for just looking out for their families in case of something worse coming about.

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