Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Graphology is something talked about from the time one learns how to write. Children and adults alike tend to believe that the spacing, size, slant and pressure used when handwriting somehow determines our personality and character. I find this very interesting because in my mind it is hard to determine the correlation between the two. There is no specific science behind it and it should not be used for decisions regarding jobs and performance yet it was in the 90's and is still probably happening today. The results of the study shown in the PowerPoint confirm my belief that it is one of the least effective judges of character and truly does not come to a conclusion on anything.

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  1. Mikaela, I completely agree with you about not seeing the correlation between handwriting and personality/character. The pictures you added also made me realize how preschool and early elementary teachers try to correct your handwriting to avoid writing such a closed 'e' that it looks like a 'c'. It seems like if graphology was real, teachers shouldn't try to influence handwriting, right? I also agree and support your point that it should not be used for job decisions.