Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Alien Abductions and UFOs-Post #2

I have always been skeptical about alien abduction stories because it seemed crazy to me how all aliens tended to look similar to humans. For example, in the video in the PowerPoint, the man said the aliens had humanistic features, just really big eyes. To me, it seems that if aliens come from totally different planets, it would seem unlikely that they have a head like ours, hands and feet like ours, and that they walk on two legs. If they are from different worlds, they could look like anything and it feels unlikely they would look so similar to humans (however the link I've copied below explains why they MIGHT look like us). To me, it makes much more sense that alien abduction stories aren't real, and are just the recall of false past events like the lecture explains. It reminds me of the false memories lecture, where in an experiment, the experimenter actually was able to successfully implant a fake memory into 25-50% of her subjects, making them actually believe the memory was true. This shows how easy it is to influence what people 'remember'. Most abductees support their stories by saying that sharp details were revealed during hypnosis, but according to the slides, hypnosis is just a way to increase confidence in a false recollection, and during it, people are in a higher state of suggestibility, and therefore easily influenced. It is the perfect set-up. It is the same with past-life regressions--people claim past lives come out during hypnosis, when in reality the characteristics of these 'experiences' are influenced by the expectations set by the experimenter and society. This is also supported by the fact that a lot more 'abductees' came out after new shows or movies came out about contact with aliens--their 'experiences' were influenced by societal expectations.

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