Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Graphology - Makayla Hoffman

    I thought that the Graphology lecture was really interesting and the way people judge a person based on handwriting was something I had never heard of before. Personally, I think it is unrealistic to judge someone's handwriting on a phase in their life. For example, just because someone has spaces in between the letters in their handwriting does not make them lonely or isolated. Most of the time, being lonely is a phase in your life that you might go through, and people generally have the same handwriting their whole life so these types of judgement are just not fair. Also something strange I found is that if someone's handwriting is even or uneven it can be a sign of a stroke. Well, handwriting has to be either even or uneven so is everyone considered to be at risk of a stroke? Things just do not add up. In the image attached, it talks about how the letters ‘O’ and ‘E’ being open or closed can relate to the way people talk and listen. How was this correlation ever made? What people thought, if you have an open ‘E’ and an open ‘O’ that you are a great talker and listener?
Graphology - The Art Of Handwriting Analysis | Handwriting analysis

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