Tuesday, March 31, 2020

UFO Abductions & Projective Testing - Makayla Hoffman

For the class lecture entitled UFO Abductions and projective testing, it talks about UFO sightings and what kind of people believe in aliens and UFO’s. I found it interesting how they related people who believe in aliens and UFO’s to having esoteric beliefs and higher ratings of fantasy proneness. This makes sense because if you think about it, what people believe is related to the way they think. For example, a doctor is clearly going to vaccinate their children because they know how vaccinations work and they believe they work because they have seen them work. People who believe in aliens and UFO’s believe in them because they are susceptible to esoteric beliefs. For the second section of the lecture, projective testing, people being tested based on what they see or what they draw. In one of my favorite television series, Teen Wolf, a guidance counselor tries to figure out what state of mind a character, Lydia Martin, is in after an experience with a werewolf at a game store (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LaE5BnH2Kw). Obviously this technique is not realistic, as explained in the powerpoints and doing things such as picking out people who have been sexually abused, people who have committed crimes, and violent personalities. If this were the case, and these tests were accurate, we would have less people wrongly accused criminals in jail, and more people with unstable mental health in hospitals.

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  1. I really like the way you described UFO abductions and the example you added in because it really does all make sense when you relate it that way. I thought it was interesting how you compared the topic of the second lecture to a TV show that you watch because it shows that there are connections. I like how you added the link to show what you were talking about with the show.