Monday, March 30, 2020

Learning Styles/False Memory: Post #1

In the first slide it is known that there are two types of learning styles which are visual and auditory. I am personally a visual learner. I watched the video on how learning styles are efficient and I believe so as well because it is important how information is learned and retain efficiently. Although I do believe I am a visual learner I do not believe it can be taught to someone how to learn a certain way. I think that everyones learning skills are different and efficient in different ways. The next topic is false memory which is when you confuse memories together and get the wrong idea of what actually happened. In the slides it states people are suggestible and therapists can make them believe false information/memory through dream analysis. All in all memory is a very weird interesting thing that can be very hard to dig up and understand. I wonder how many times my memory has been wrong in the past recalling events.
False Memory

This link is how and why false memory occurs and it was very interesting to read.


  1. This a great take on the lectures. I enjoyed how you incorporated your opinions into your response. I also believe that there is no way to teach someone to learn a certain way, I think it is just encoded into our brain the way that we retain information and understand things. As for the second half of your post, I can recall many times when I remember something happening from my childhood and my sister recalling it as something completely different. It is weird how our brains can make up these scenarios and convince ourselves that it is true when it never actually happened.

  2. I really like your description of the lectures and what your opinion on them were. The article that you added in was also very interesting!