Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Jersey Devil

The legendary Jersey Devil has been the basis of most childhood horror stories of anyone who grew up in south NJ or around the area. The story goes that the Leed family’s 13th child was cursed and once born began killing and terrorizing the pine barrens of New Jersey. The ugly, winged, goat-like creature is said to still be around today and makes for great stories of people that swear they’ve seen him. Living around the area of the “Jersey Devil sightings” means the stories are even better, because some come from people you know, like my neighbors who swears on their lives, that the creature was living in their backyard for over a month because they believed the youngest child (5 years old) had said she’d seen it multiple times and they heard a screeching noise once at night along with finding weird hoof prints and feathers. Hearing stories like these just makes living in south Jersey that much more entertaining and lets you see how people's minds can just add up small occurrences into something crazy as the Jersey Devil

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  1. Just a few weeks ago my friend had mentioned his apparent run in with the devil when driving down a dark and winding road in Galloway. It is very interesting to hear what he thought he saw versus the details of what other people's stories looked like!