Tuesday, March 31, 2020

psychic detectives

Everyone these days loves psychic crime shows whether they be fictional or what we are supposed to believe is reality. We are expected to connect the dots the psychics are creating and link the broad statements and claims they make to the actual facts and outcomes of the cases at hand. As we see in the Darren Brown clip of Lecture 6, Dr. Carr makes a bunch of claims about where the girl Darren sent off may be and does not seem to narrow in on any specific details at all, that is until she calls and reveals herself. As he talks about his predictions, he narrows in on certain ones by gauging her reaction and answers. Thus, on the TV shows mentioned before, it seems like all of the guesses these psychics make are narrowed down to the ones that were actually correct, rather than the ones that viewers do not get to see which were all way off. Below I included an article about a prediction that supposedly is about our current  COVID 19 situation. Fact or fake? You can decide.

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