Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The End of the World

This lecture was one of the most interesting ones in my opinion. Jeane Dixon, Kenton Beshore Kyle, The Messiah Foundation, Isaac Newton, and many others predicted what year the world would end and exactly what would cause it. It really makes me wonder how they come up with what they do, and the year. Michel Nostradamus predicted Hitler and 9/11. This reminds me of the issue currently happening. I saw a picture of a book that made a prediction about a "severe pneumonia-like illness spreading throughout the globe in 2020" and believe it or not, that's exactly what has happened. This just proves that somehow and someway people make these correct predictions about our future.

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  1. I definitely agree. It is very eerie yet interesting to see what some people and predictions have gotten both right and wrong as each event comes to light. It is also hard to discern if these are just broad statements that the public is just matching to certain events or if there is actually any truth to them