Monday, March 30, 2020

Graphology: Post #2

Graphology is known as the study of handwriting and is apparently used to determine personality and character. The things it is based off of are letter size, spacing, writing slant, and pressure on paper. I think this is a very weird thing to base someone off of. I do not believe the way someone writes can determine how they act but it is very interesting to see the different beliefs and definitions. This thought goes back to the 17th century. It also tells that people have determined job opportunities based on their hand writing which is absurd and weird to me. This topic and the results were very interesting to me!

Handwriting Analysis - Alphabets a to z | Udemy

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  1. Angel, I agree with you that it is absurd to take a person's handwriting and lay judgements on them based on the close consideration of letter spacing, or sizes. To have someone receive a job opportunity based on handwriting is crazy! Imagine not getting a job because your letters are too far apart in your handwriting. I think you did a great job analyzing and judging this method of determining personality and characteristics.