Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mass Delusions & Hysterias What's That Smell? - Makayla Hoffman

Mass Delusions & Hysterias What's That Smell?

The ideas of these lectures bring me to the idea that people believe whatever is spread around the internet. Except back then when the Salem Witch trials were happening, people believed whatever they heard from their neighbor. Although seemingly unrealistic, The Trials became such a big ordeal that people started killing people, falsely accusing others of unfathomable acts, and killing innocent animals. People heard these stories about the aliens on the radio and since so many people believe these things and since it was on the radio, it must be real right? These fictional stories create mass panic in people, even though they seem unrealistic. As for the Aromatherapies, people often convince themselves these things help when there is no proven evidence that these smells and essential oils help. I am in no way saying they do not help because I work for a veterinarian who uses these oils and you can visually see the positive impacts these oils have on the animals. People tend to believe anything they hear despite it having evidence to prove it correct or not. The following link looks at essential oils used on animals and opinions people have after their use. Although these opinions can be 100% fake, we do not know if they actually used the essential oils, we as humans tend to believe it because it is genuine and a positive impact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqleE_3dcSE

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  1. I liked how you stated that there was no proven evidence that these smells and essential oils help in any way, even though people think they do. It reminds me of one of the very first lectures we did where we talked about the Q-Ray bracelet, which had no evidence of working but people believed it did. However, I personally think essential oils may have more validity than a metal bracelet around your wrist. The video you added was also very interesting because of how she says the animals react to the oils. I think as long as the oils tend to have a positive impact, we will continue to believe in them, like you said.