Monday, April 21, 2014

The Maritime mystery of the Mary Celeste has been and continues to baffle many people.  The Mary Celeste is a 282 ton Brigantine Merchant ship that set sail from New York to Genoa Italy.  The ship left port on November 7, 1872 with 7 crew members, Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs, his wife Sarah and their 2 year old daughter Sophia.  The ship was found drifting 400 Hundred miles East of Azores Islands of the Santa Maria.  When the ship was boarded the people found not a soul, living or dead on board.  What they found was 6 months’ worth of supplies, all of the crew’s belongings, 1701 barrels of alcohol and no life boats. Another noteworthy find was that the skip’s pumps had been taken apart.   During the investigations the captain’s logs showed that the crew had dealt with “heavy weather” for about 2 weeks.  The last entry for the captain’s log were made on November 25 at 5:05 A.M.   Another fact that was uncovered about the ship’s history is that the ship had just carried coal, and gone through construction.  This fact about the last cargo and the construction could account for the pumps being taken apart.     Some speculated that the crew evacuated the ship because of Alcohol Vapors; and with the bad weather the life boats got away from the ship.   And others say that a sea monsters came up from the deep and took them.  So much has been written about the disappearance of the people from the Mary Celeste but, they may never know what really happened?

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