Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bates Method

Bates Method

          An alternative therapy use to improve eyesight. There is an eye physician named William Horatio Bates was the one who came up with this method and the contributed his work to the Bates Method. He believed that found the cure to fix all eyesight problems and claimed that wearing glassware like glasses and contacts is harmful to the eyes and not needed. William Horatio Bates published a book and a magazine about his techniques and research to help people relax their “strain” to improve sights. The techniques are mainly focused on visualization and movement. In other words, he thought he could cure eyesight problems by relaxing the eyes, putting too much effort on the eyes strains the eyes.

        The techniques vary in; 1. Closing the eyes. 2. Cover your eyes. 3. Observe the swing of things. 4. Use your imagination. 5. Catch those flashes. 6. Keep your vision centered. 7. Enjoy the sun. 8. Practice with a test card. There is a website he created along where his supporters and other can read about the techniques and plays the few games that were designed to improve eyesight,

        A young writer named Aldous Huxley, at the age of sixteen his comeas has been scarred and recently learned about the Bates Method from one of William Horatio Bates supporters. Huxley used the method to help him improve his eyesight. In 1942 Huxley wrote a book based on his experience with the Bates Method, he said that his eyesight did not improve by much but it still remained abnormal. Throughout the years there were many more reports of the Bates Method working for some and not for others. Bates Method is not harmful therefore it still continues to trick some people.

Diana Elgueta

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