Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rally Caps

Rally caps can be seen worn by fans of all MLB baseball teams all over the league. Throughout history, the origin of the Rally cap has always been debated. It is believed that the players of the 1940 Detroit Tigers, to the 1977-1987 Texas Rangers, or maybe even the fans of the 1985 New York Mets created the Rally cap tradition. What exactly is a Rally cap? according to Wikipedia, a Rally cap is defined as "A baseball cap worn inside-out and backwards or in some other unconventional manner by players and/or fans to will a team to a come-from-behind victory late in a game".

Now how could wearing a cap inside out possible help make your team make a come from behind victory? It is believed that a fan is "to sacrifice a small amount of one's dignity in exchange for a little luck for one's team". Many people believe in this superstition because over history you can see fans wearing Rally caps in games where teams come from behind to win a game. This in my opinion is like listening to someone who plays lottery tickets, you only hear about when they win, but not how many they have lost overtime to those few times they actually do win. Personally I do not believe in this superstition, there is no way that turning a hat inside out can really help your team turn its luck around and perform a come from behind victory. Although I  do not believe in the Rally cap, I still participate when I am at a Phillies game and they are behind. Rally hats are a silly way to root for your team when you know your doomed and it is a tradition that I feel will be around for a long time.

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