Monday, April 28, 2014

Occult Tarot Card Readings

Occult tarot card readings have remained a common source for divination in popular culture for many decades. The cryptic symbols on the cards convince unwary customers to believe in the oracular power of simple cards. Tarot cards actually originated as complex, but, nonetheless, ordinary card game in 15th century Europe. It was not until the late 18th century that the cards garnered their occult connotations, largely as a result of the efforts of Jean-Baptiste Alliette and Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand. As one might expect, the mystic qualities of tarot cards were only substantiated by the anecdotes of practitioners. Claims of the cards' origin in ancient Egyptian mysticism gave the cards an exotic, yet alluring presence, despite any real evidence to support this.
The claims made to substantiate the occult powers of tarot cards are noticeably lacking in several areas of thought. Disregarding for the time being that there is no information to support these claims, much less any credible data or observations, practitioners of tarot card readings make numerous assumptions with complete disregard for the implications that would come with them. To believe that ordinary cards could unlock secrets about the future and the nature of the universe is to completely depart from logical thought. It is bad enough that this poor assumption is being made, but stacked on top of it is a rather greedy neglect for what one would consider to be the proper use of these "divine powers." If the key to deciphering future events were really so simple, is it really wise to be using it to determine the success of relationships or winning lottery numbers?

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