Wednesday, April 30, 2014


People either believe in ghosts, spirits, apparitions, whatever, or they don’t.  I do though.  I believe people leave behind their energy in a soul.  I don’t really care if that sounds crazy.  I’ve been touched on the head while I was sleeping by something that I couldn’t see, and it scared me so much.  I didn’t like to talk about it for a while because my dad thought I was nuts, but my mom believed me… Or at least, she said she believed me!  My grandmother was a nurse, and she died in my house a few months before I was born.  She was a really nice women, and my mom said I shouldn’t be worried about it.  Of course people who have had similar experience try to rationalize the situation after its occurrence.  I told myself I was probably dreaming, but I know I wasn’t because my eyes were wide open.  I was so frightened.  It really did happen.  I think in my mind I was more scared, and I was trying to talk myself out of the fact that something touched my head rather than someone because no one came into my room that night.

What I do find annoying is watching television shows where people go ghost hunting.  I could do that.  I could get a team together and make a show where all I hear is creaking and crackling noises.  The people on the shows go, “OH MY GOD, DID YOU HEAR THAT?!” and also, “DID YOU FEEL THAT?!” We don’t see or feel it because we’re watching through cable television.  I’d like to get paid for just walking around in the dark scaring myself.  What a thrill, right?  I don’t really know.  I do know what I’ve felt though personally.  On these shows we often see "orbs" fly by on the camera screen.  How do we know it's not a dust particle or a little fly?

Do we feel the need to believe in these things because maybe we’re too scared of what happens after we’re dead?  Is it too difficult for us to face the fact that we really don’t know?  Do we make up religions in order to make us feel better about what happens after we die?  

Here's a link to one of the shows I'm talking about.
What do you think?

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