Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I always find it interesting when people find Freemasonry skeptical.  I've heard from friends who thought the Freemasons are “devil worshipers” and in Illuminati or whatever.  I’ll be flipping through the channels on my TV, and I’ll see shows twisting what they really are.  My father is a Freemason.  He’s told me things that maybe he shouldn't really tell me.  I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret… Just because they’re secretive and there’s rights a passage, doesn't mean they’re killing people, sacrificing anything, or worshiping the devil.  From what I've been told many times by my father is that you have to believe in a God.  It doesn't matter what religion you are.  You could be Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, et al.  You have to believe in something.  The organization is like a fraternity; it’s a brotherhood.  Images depicted of Freemasons can provide misunderstanding, such as the one below:

My father, along with other brothers, invited all family into where they have meetings.  My dad was earning a pin for being a member for I think thirty years.  I placed the pin on my dad because they asked if anyone would like to.  I, of course, was like “HEY, I’LL DO IT!”  Women aren't usually allowed in there. 
What I found very interesting later after the ceremony was a smaller room where it appeared to be where men would hang out, relax, and talk.  There were photos of I suppose different “chapters” of men (I’m not really sure), but one framed photo was of almost all NJ State Police.  There were so many of them!  There had to have been about 30-40 men in the photo, but it was older… Probably from the mid-1980s.

Another thing I found very interesting was in the big room where the ceremony was held.  The room reminded me of a church honestly.  My favorite thing in the room was at the back (close to where you walk in).  There were these two planet Earths that lit up.  I was told what they represented, but I was provided so much information that I just didn't understand.

This photo is what the room I was in looked like where the ceremony was held:

And in this mural is what the two statuesque planets looked like in the back of the room which lit up.  I couldn't find a photo on Google which showed the exact same ones as the pillars I saw:

*Found images on Google.

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