Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Alien Sightings: UFOs

I thought it would interesting to share some of the views of people whom I know who either believe they’ve seen aliens, believe they could exist, or they have explanations for what UFOs could be.

My best friend Jill has always been someone who I’ve looked up to.  She always received amazing grades.  She is just a naturally intelligent person.  She never drank or smoked until she was 21.  So when she told me her and her sister saw a UFO fly over her pool during the day while she was swimming, I just was astonished.  I automatically assumed she was just messing with me.  Jill is a completely level-headed.  She would definitely be the person to rationalize the situation.  She said while she was swimming with her sister, a saucer type aircraft quickly flew over them.  The UFO hovered for about thirty seconds, and then it quickly zoomed off into the sky.  She said it went so quickly that it was like it almost just disappeared.  She was nineteen when this happened, and her sister was seventeen.

My cousin worked at this place called Picatinny Arsenal located near where I live in Morris County.  According to Wikipedia, “The Picatinny Arsenal is an American military research and manufacturing facility located on a 6,400-acre of land in Jefferson Township and Rockaway Township in Morris County, New Jersey, United States, encompassing Picatinny Lake and Lake Denmark.” She worked there a long time ago before I was born.  I began talking to her about aliens and UFOs when we were at the beach.  When you work at this place, you’re sworn to secrecy and was a secretary at this place.  Secretaries know everything that’s going on usually, unlike what we see in TV shows or movies.  They have to be able to do a million things at once.  Anyway, she told me when she worked there, an aircraft was built which is much bigger than any plane in which anyone had ever seen.  She said the aircraft is placed underground, and it’s rectangular and is for the president to use if he needs protection from any kind of disaster on Earth for which he and his family are unsafe.  Apparently, this aircraft is supposed to be able to go into space.  She was saying to me that we don’t know what our government does, and to say there aren’t any aliens would be putting blinders on.  Her point was that we don’t always know exactly what our government is testing, and she wasn’t even supposed to be telling me that.  An unidentified flying object can be anything our government is testing, or it could even be aliens!

Here’s a link to the National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index For IN:

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