Friday, April 25, 2014

Mirror Superstitions

            After seeing the movie Oculus this past week (which I do not recommend unless you are into slow paced scary movies), I starting thinking about mirror superstitions. Oculus’s main character is a supernatural mirror that has caused dreadful deaths throughout centuries by taking over the minds of those in the home it occupies. The main characters sets up computers, video cameras, and heat detecting devices to catch the vicious mirror in the act…Let’s just say I do not want to spoil the ending for you!
            The most common mirror superstition is breaking a mirror. Breaking a mirror is supposed to bring seven years of bad luck. I did not know that this superstition originated from the times when people used water to see their reflections. Evolving from ancient Rome, it takes seven years time for the soul to renew itself after breaking a mirror. There is also a superstition dealing with death and mirrors, particularly with the Jewish religion. It is believed that mirrors need to be covered after someone dies in the house in order to prevent the soul of the deceased from being trapped within the mirror. In some cases, the mirrors are covered in order to not let a soul, who died a tragic death, to possess a living body in the house.
            Mirrors are believed to hold supernatural power. For example, I am sure you have, or witnessed someone, chant “Bloody Mary” while standing in front of the mirror with the lights turned off. This urban legend is one of the most famous mirror related superstitions. 

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