Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When you Got Arthritis!

So after reading chapter 2.3 I found my first related topic. Arthritis pain and weather. After 10 years active duty military I received 3 surgeries on my ankle. Immediately after I developed post traumatic arthritis which I am to live with for the rest of my life. Now I don’t claim to be able to predict weather or even tell when it’s going to rain; however, I will tell you this when it does rain I have like 50% more stiffness and pain than when it’s not raining. So the book states that I’m experiencing an illusory correlation but I can assert that my increased pain is no such illusion. Sometimes when it rains I can even walk, whereas that never happens when it’s not.


  1. wow! this is not an illusory correlation. I truly believe this occurs. i have experienced it first hand, when the weather is cold or rainy i have more aches in my knee! as well as others I know have worse RA(rheumatoid arthritis ) flares with the colder and wetter weather.

  2. I believe that every individual experiences a specific set of altered feelings in the affected locality for obvious reasons and we begin to assimilate commonalities such as the weather to when we feel certain ways, and with the knowledge that barometric pressure does change there is the very real possibility that a physical change could be felt, since a physical environment change has occurred. simply my opinion,of every action has some sort of a reaction.