Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Feng Shui

     Feng Shui is a system of aesthetics used in architecture and interior design to enhance the flow of “chi” throughout the room or building. Chi or “energy flow” is thought to flow through everything and positive chi can bring good fortune and a general sense of well-being. Designers who utilize feng shui often claim they can detect metaphysical properties and advise how to achieve the optimal flow of “energy”.

     Unfortunately most of this “science” involves guesswork and some common sense, like make sure there’s an easy path to walk through the room. One of the biggest concerns with feng shui is that different practitioners typically give conflicting advice. Saying that different schools of thought can lead to different results sometimes defends this. Another big concern is that there is no evidence to support the existence of “chi” or that designing a home one way can affect a persons’ health. 
     I found this list from the book: Little Book of Wrong Shui: How to Drastically ImproveYour Life by Basically Moving Stuff Around – Honest that I thought was comical in regards to most feng shui books.

* To encourage conversation always have one fewer chair than there are guests at a dinner party.
* A chipped plate is very bad Wrong Shui. But a plate of chips is very good.
* Always remember that in the journey of life two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.
* Store food in your fridge alphabetically.
* In any conversation, the gaps between the words the other person speaks allows negative energies to slip through and reach you. To avoid this danger endeavor to fill these gaps with low, atonal humming.
* Attract visitors to your home by placing stereo, video, and computer equipment where they can be seen from the road.
* If your neighbor has a satellite dish pointing in your direction, this focuses harmful "secret arrows" onto your home. Wait till night, then take the dish down.

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  1. I think that like believing in healing crystals and energy flow through chakras this is a lot of "if you believe it then it works" and you influence yourself into feeling its effects. Although I do agree that moving some furniture around to shake things up a bit does give your living space a feeling of freshness and you get a satisfying feeling of accomplishment after moving all your heavy items around. The quotes from the book you found are pretty funny too. Cool topic!