Monday, July 27, 2015

My Future

A while back ago, i want to say back in 99 or 2000 my aunt had asked me to accompany her to a psychic. i figured sure why not. I expected the works, a neon eye sign lighting up a store front window, a round table with a crystal ball, the works. What i got was an apartment inside the projects in the Bronx. because of the difference of reality and what i had assumed, i began to think that maybe this lady was the real deal. while my aunt went to go get read, i sat in the kitchen with, i assume was her daughter or granddaughter. I asked the girl if this was real, if she was able to really read people and situations. the girl told me that she (the psychic) predicted that she would meet her then boyfriend. she said it wasn't immediate and she is off sometimes by a couple of months but she is able to do it. Just then another woman walked into the kitchen and told me that the psychic wanted to see me. I was a little shocked that she knew i was there. in hindsight, she could have 1 seen me coming with my aunt, the woman who opened the door could have told her i was there, or she could have heard me talking. I entered this room through beaded curtains (at least something cliche was there). Candles were lit, the scent of incense was almost nauseating, and pictures of saints adorned every wall. The psychic was a Dominican lady who only knew Spanish, so i needed help with some words as i am fluent in conversational Spanish, not really the supernatural. So the "helper" was there to translate. She told me that i was "invincible", and she explained not jump off the roof and you won't die invincible but you are able to handle a lot of pain, more than others, and that there are times that i should have died. I quickly associated that to every accident i've had in my life up to that point (i once put my elbow through a plate glass window and a shard sliced my neck open, about 1/2 an inch away from my carotid artery). saying to me that i should have died, immediately triggered a memory that i could relate to it. She went on to talk about how i would live a happy life, she saw me with a pretty woman and we would have a nice house and family. Again this generalized statement, i couldn't relate to so i fell back into my skepticism. She told me that i would have a daughter within the next year, but the mother would keep it a secret so i wouldn't know until later on when my daughter would need help and i would accept her into my life without question. She also said that my daughters name would start with an "A". by the end of my reading i left half skeptic. fast forward a year or two later, i was dating a Russian girl who claimed she may be pregnant. Again this triggered my reading memory and i started to freak out. My mind started to over analyze the situation and i even went as far as to look up common Russian girl names which of course, one of the top 10 were Anya. To further play with my mind, the girl broke up with me and i saw her a few months later and she was indeed pregnant. She said it wasn't mine, and i believed her.

Often we as people want to believe in the supernatural. We want to believe that there is more to life than just what we see, but we discredit actual science and follow pseudoscience, because pseudoscience affects us on an individual level. it fills the needs of the ego. My experience with a psychic, drives home some of the points in Chapter 5.3. Not only did the reading cause me to remember something specific to a generalized statement, but when something relatively close to my reading happened, i remembered that instance. I ignored the rest of the reading since none of it had come true, but because certain things happened and i was able to associate them to the reading my belief in the psychic and the paranormal became that much stronger.

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