Monday, July 20, 2015

Dualistic Paranormal Belief & Science

      The idea that the soul cannot die and leaves the body has been around for ages, the Egyptians were an example I'm sure most are familiar with, especially since they has the most elaborate ceremony's as to ensure life after death. In Western culture some even believed they could capture the soul and prevent it from escaping after death. these cultures also believed that during dreams your soul is actually traveling around. Traditional belief is based on the separation between body and soul; the body is simply a vessel for the soul.
      Using the modern science to approach some sort of understanding Duality we must look at conscious Out of Body Experiences. Chapter 3 starting on page 62 of our book presents this as simply a perspective to how our brain interprets information. Science suggests the unexplained is misrepresentations in the computer style input output of our "computer like programming" brains. The ability for people to perceive, an example of error I have personally experienced is through my grandmother. She insisted she saw the 9-11 attacks first hand due too the severity of the seemingly un-real situation we were all so suddenly presented with; now I know she wasn't there because she moved to California in the 90's and never visited NJ. But she applied  the visual images seen on TV to the ones she personally remembered years earlier, giving he a sort of Out of Body vision of the events occurring. This is an example of the perception error that is presented in understanding Duality and consciousness. 
       Electro stimulation has also been know to cause OBE perception states; giving us the closest conformation that individual perception or consciousness is misconstrued and understood as soul. what do you believe?


  1. This is such an interesting topic. I have heard so many stories, from peers and family members, of their strange "out of body" experiences. When I brought this topic up to my friend, she told me how one night she felt as if she had psychically left her body and felt that she was floating above her physical self, looking down. With that, I wonder if it is our minds that make us think we are actually leaving our bodies or if our souls are actually floating out of our bodies temporarily.

  2. I truly am interested in OBE's. It is something as nurses that every once in awhile a patient who you take care of who had a cardiac arrest may describe to you. Or a patient that has undergone a surgery will describe looking down at themselves being operated on. I have taken care of a few patients that have talked to me about seeing the light and describe siting over themselves during a cardiac arrest while CPR is being performed on them.
    Also I regards to when a person dies and their soul/spirit leaves the physical body is something I believe in. When I was working in an assisted living the other nurse who is a close friend of mine told me how when one of the patients dies she always opens the window nearest the patient so their spirit can go up.