Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Multiple Pesonalities Disorder Sybil Post # 3

When the subject of mental health arises many people shy away from this topic, based on lack of knowledge, embarrassment and preconceived ideas of this medical condition.  One must be aware that mental health treatment was not always, as it is today, with crises centers, hot lines and the availability of chemical intervention and the increased knowledge and research that has been implemented in the treatment of this disease process.  When reviewing the video “Sybil” (1976) this documented Multiple personality  disorder (MPD)occurred at a time when there was very limited knowledge and confirmed research on this subject.  The means that were used to obtained data based on today’s standards were inhuman and barbaric.  The one clear aspect of this research was that the Dr. Wilbur chose to have her research published by a journalist not in a scientific journal and there was no peer review completed on her research to confirm the accuracy of the data recovered.  This diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder prompted the American Psychiatric Association to recognize the disease process; Insurance billing codes were created for reimbursement for the treatment provided to patients. The reported cases of MPD  jumped from 300 to 1000 cases after the release of the book and movie Sybil.  Also government funding was allocated to help with mental illness ( see below ) .The information in this  case was never truly confirmed, but the parties involved verbally state that the facts shared are true and factual.  As time progresses further research was completed and the diagnosis of MPD was changed and is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder.


Mental Health America convened the National Leadership Conference on Action for Mental Health, in which 100 national voluntary organizations participated.  (1962)
Congress passed the “Community Mental Health Centers Act” (CMHC) authorizing construction grants for community mental health centers.  Mental Health America played a key role in having this legislation enacted and signed by President Kennedy. (1963)
Community Mental Health Centers Act calls for deinstitutionalization and increased community services. (1963)
Mental Health America successfully advocated for inclusion of mandated mental heath services in Medicare. (1966)
Mental Health America advocated for renewal of the CMHC Act and for increased appropriations.  (1969)

Mental Health America produced and distributed the film Only Human, which aired on more than 150 television stations, to improve public understanding of mental illness and public acceptance of persons with mental illnesses. (1971)
President Nixon impounded funds appropriated for the National Institute of Mental Health.  Mental Health America was instrumental in reversing the decision. (1972)
Acting on a lawsuit in which Mental Health America participated, a federal judge ordered the release of $52 million in impounded funds voted by Congress for community mental health centers.  (1973)
The U.S. Civil Service Commission acceded to Mental Health America’s demand that a “Have you ever been mentally Ill?” question be removed from federal government employment forms.  (1974)
President Carter established the President’s Commission on Mental Health, the first comprehensive survey of mental healthcare since the 1950s.  Many Mental Health America volunteers were named to the Commission and its task forces. (1977)

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