Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Perspective on "Ghost Hunting"

   The biggest rift between me and my fiance is her unyielding belief in all "Ghost Hunting" shows on different television networks (e.g, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State) and my unyielding disbelief. I'm constantly pointing out holes in their theories and methods of investigation, while she continues to refute with her logic that "ghosts don't operate the same way we do". They all feature the same set-up and progression of episodes - 15 minutes of drawn out research on a nondescript location, followed by 10 minutes of setting up equipment, then 15 minutes of multiple people fumbling around in complete darkness (because apparently ghosts are afraid of the light?) and saying " OH! WOAH! WHAT WAS THAT!? ..... SHHH!!!!!!", finished off with an overgeneralized summation of what could be happening (which usually is a non-threatening ghost, instead of faulty piping, a draft from a window, or a poorly installed door).

  As discussed in chapter 1 of the text, these shows coincide with pseudoscience in the most complete way, ranging from imprecise scientific-sounding language, lack of progress, over-reliance on testimony, and often using terms that have no connection with reality. The methods that these "investigators" use have many flaws, such as: investigating with the lights off, biased investigation, improper use of instruments, and a plethora of others. These flawed investigation methods, while entertaining, do not help the case of investigators in their argument that they are participating in scientific research.  Instead of "investigating" a abandoned warehouse for only 5-hours in complete darkness with a voice recorder that can be bought from Radio Shack, there should be a push for extended "investigations" as well as a push for the measurement of reliable characteristics of "ghosts" and the paranormal.


  1. I'm not a big believer my self as a handy man I support you drafty "window theory" although I've been to some spooky places like abandoned train stations in the woods; I never quite have felt that paranormal fear as many claim too, but I am open to certain exceptions like abandoned crazy hospitals like the one here in North Jersey Hell no i'm not going to sneak into that place at night the ora of what it previously was alone creeps me out as much as the homeless people I will find using it as shelter.

  2. Oh, don't get me wrong - there are plenty of spooky places around that I wouldn't particularly want to go into by myself at night. However, the shows depict these investigations in a way that makes it seem that they have a full understanding of the thing that they are investigating, even going as far to argue that they follow sound scientific methods, when in reality, it's very flawed.

    While I don't fully believe that ghosts roam the halls of abandoned hospitals, I do think they areas that have faced immense trauma have a certain "aura" to them - take Auschwitz for example - I had the opportunity to visit this infamous concentration camp and the sense of despair and emotion fills the air. Of course this isn't physically apparent, but as a human you can essentially visualize the horror and atrocity that was experienced in that place in a moment of time.

    1. I really like the way your rephrased my initial statement! Also since you have visited such a "traumatized" locality I trust the clarity at which your getting at, that as a human you can sense the so-called heavy air.

    2. I must agree that I'm not a fan of most of today's ghost hunter shows and I'm not sure whether I believe or not. I've heard a lot of firsthand experiences from friends and family but they're just that..personal experiences. Until I have my own "encounter" I'll remain very skeptical because these shows do nothing but show me how hard they're trying to sell it.

  3. Back in the day, and still today somewhat, i love adventures into "haunted" places. I enjoy going to these places at night for the eerie feeling, but i also go understanding that your mind will make things a hundred times worse. The fact that these "Ghost hunters" are going into locations wanting to find something rather than to disprove that it is haunted, even though they say they are going to disprove a haunting, enhances their experience and eliminates logical thinking.