Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aromatheraphy Post # 2

Native to the Mediterranean region was used in the mummification of bodies in Egypt. The meaning of Lavender in Greek “to wash” .Historically lavender was used as an antiseptic and for mental health purposes. Today it is used as a remedy for anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and depression. According to CAM researchers from Ohio State performed a study on the effects of lavender before and after a stressful event (applying tape to skin and removing it and immersing feet in icy water) .The participant’s blood levels were examined for the presence of stress indicators Ex: norepinephrine and cortisol and biochemical markers to indicate immune system changes Ex: Interleukin-6 and interlukin-10 .
Results- The study results showed that neither lavender nor lemon affected the participant’s heart rate, blood pressure, wound healing, pain rating or levels of interlukin 6 or 10 .
Levels of the stress hormone declined to pre stressors levels in response to the smell of lavender.
I currently use lavender oil in my patient’s rooms on a daily basis, ARMC city has lavender oil in the pharmacy. When I contacted the pharmacy regarding the reason why lavender oil is carried I was told it was for odor control. I ask permission on all my patients before I put the oil in the rooms, I place in on 2x2 not directly near the patient to avoid any respiratory concerns. I also apply the oil around the computer terminal that I am working from on any given day, as team members walk by there are positive statements made, I work in a very stressful environment and I feel that sometimes the little things can make a difference for the patient, family and team members. Lavender oil is not to be applied to the skin because irritation can occur, do not consume the oil as it may be poisonous.
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