Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fat Burners

  In today's day and age, we are growing more conscience of our bodies. Not only in appearance but what goes into it. Hydroxycut is one fat burner in a sea of many that use the pseudo-science technique to get consumers to purchase their product.
   It can be difficult to tell the difference between scientific claims and pseudo-scientific claims but the majority of the time, the tell all would be in the evidence. Hydroxycut is heavily reliant on testimonials rather than clinical trials and studies. At one point the parent company claimed they had done clinical trials, and the new formulas were "clinically proven" but were unable to produce a number of subjects in the trials, nor journals stating observations. Many feel that it may be because whatever findings they did have were weak and couldn't stand refutation.
Every Hydroxycut commercial is about results, which brings us to the next characteristic, emphasis on confirmation rather than refutation. Hydroxycut focuses only on the success stories. What you don't find is studies on how effective it really is as well as how safe it is.When Hydroxycut first debuted I was under the assumption that this was a miracle pill. it helps you lose weight and you don't have to do any work. What they don't tell you is that these people had to maintain a diet and exercise regularly.
If you are exercising regularly and maintain a healthy diet, you will 100% of the time see results. Adding these chemicals and toxins to your body, may have long term effects that they haven't encountered yet. So in a way taking these fat burners to quicken the process, may help you today, but may hurt you tomorrow.


  1. Isn't debunking pseudoscience in the fitness industry fun? You are totally right about the "emphasis on confirmation rather than refutation". That is the basis of EVERY SINGLE fat burner. As you have explained in this post, the reasoning behind that is because they don't have actual scientific evidence of it working.

  2. It's so true. Everyone started using this based on commercials and testimonials. A quick way to loose and get ripped. FYI the military banned Hydroxycut, it was ordered to be taken off the shelves in all commissaries and if it's found in our system there's administration punishments. I guess there's something in there that we don't know about.