Monday, July 20, 2015

Alchemist's & The Discovery of Radium

        Legend begins with the idea of a philosophers stone, allowing for a utopian vision is of society. what makes this stone so special? The philosopher's stone is allegedly capable of turning inexpensive metals into gold this ability is the foundation of the alchemist belief. So why this history lesson in legends well in the 1898 Radium was discovered and it was the first material that gave this idea some validity, could it be forgotten knowledge from a previous race of elitists’.
        Radium became the root of the alchemist totalitarian nightmare stories. It is an element that was so misunderstood with characteristics out of this world for the time period. It brought with it a fear of the unknown power that could be good and bad depending how it was used. The current elements elements had never carried much fear because they were understood for crafting such as lead was malleable for bullets and iron good for swords. Fear stemmed more commonly for the ways in which radioactive elements like Radium had such concentrated energy supply it was understood that one vial could power a ship across the ocean, and dilutions of it could be used from healing excelsior’s but with the good conscious there is always an evil side which the energy could be used to power a death rays used to destroy the world.
        The psychology behind unlocking forbidden secrets has always been represented throughout history. The Greeks created creatures like the Gorgon, a beautiful goddesses who at their roots held a dreadful gaze that would turn a man to stone. The psyche of man's creationistic mind will always be tricked into Pseudo-scientific realms; all in the pursuit of comprehending the vast unknowns around us; Just think about space and all of its vast unknowns for example can Star Trek eventually become a reality? Up too you too decide...

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