Thursday, July 30, 2015

Essential Oils help a nurse through her day

           Aromatherapy is something that I have made part of my daily routine while preparing for work and something that I believe helps keep me centered and relaxed. Working as a nurse in the Emergency Department things go from zero to insanity in no time.  As part of my preparation I dab some patchouli essential oil on my wrists and leave for work.   
In the book Scientific Perspectives on Pseudoscience and the Paranormal by Timothy Lawson I came across an article; What’s That I Smell?  The Claims of Aromatherapy by Lynn McCutcheon.   The author makes the argument that other factors come in to play enhancing or adding to the effect that is experienced with aromatherapy.  One example is of taking a bath using essential oils.  Is it the warmth of the bath water, the scent of the lavender or the combination that is relaxing to you?  As a nurse I can relate to this concept since we involve all of the senses to help our patients relax and be at peace. 
A concept that some hospitals are adopting is the use of scents throughout their hospitals.  As a way of helping patients and their visiting friends or family to feel more comfortable they use aromatherapy in the halls and in the units.  This is also a perk for all of those working since they can share in the aroma. 

Maybe its not just our nose bringing in the aroma that we are exposed to but our mind taking us on a little trip to a place that we find relaxing that we associate with that aroma.  As for how it works for me?  When things are getting hectic while at work, I never really go on that trip but I become more relaxed and center to face the mayhem that awaits. 

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