Monday, July 27, 2015

Full moon crazies

If your ever in a hospital, ask any nurse what happens during a full moon. Nine times out of ten they will tell you all the patients go nuts, “every looney comes into the ER”, and if something weird is going to happen it’ll be on a full moon.  Why is it that rational people connect the events occurring in their workplace with the phases of the moon. I’ve even heard that it’s worse when the moon is in retrograde. The funny thing is for a scientific community there is no scientific evidence to back this up. There have been studies done trying to see the correlation of the moons stages to the events that occur in the hospital, none are conclusive. There is no connection to the moon. Even the belief that it effects the tides, and waters of the earth therefore, since we are made up of 80% water we too must be effected by this pull. Incorrect. The moons pull is small overall and only effects open water such as lakes and oceans.  Logic reasoning therefore should tell us that this belief is a fallacy. It’s coincidence that we see an upswing of events during the full moon. Yet it never fails that when  I work on a full moon it always ends up crazy busy! People’s perceptions are already set, and the preconceived notion that a full moon will end in chaos will eventually be made reality simply because the person already perceives it as truth.


  1. It's interesting you mention this because back in my senior year of highschool I had a Sociology teacher that spent a whole day going over how the full moon brings out the crazies! He referred to them as moonies and would always worn us to stay safe whenever their was a full moon that night.

  2. I completely understand what you mean when you say when there’s a full moon “all the looney comes in to the ER”. My wife who works in the ER tells me the same thing all that time that it must be a full moon because all the crazies are out in full force. So if it’s busy in the ER and patients needs to be admitted, we get them on the floor. As a nurse, I feel as though that our job is busy every time. But there will be a time when you get a day when it’s a little extra busy. To think that it’s caused by the full moon is merely coincidental. You see a full moon maybe once or twice in a month. So the correlation between the full moon and a crazier than average kind of a day at work is just that they are both not seen all the time.