Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Atco Ghost

Having lived in the Pine Barrens for my entire life, I have heard many legends and ghost stories. A common one that just resurfaced recently I have known since I was a kid. The legend of the Atco Ghost lives on. The story is about a young boy who was struck and killed by a drunk driver while chasing his basketball into the street. This allegedly took place on Burnt Mill Road in Atco, NJ. Burnt Mill Road is a lonely backroad that dead ends off of route 30. Apparently if you go there at night and flash your lights and honk your horn the specter of the young boy will appear crossing the road after his basketball. Many people recommend all different methods of conjuring the ghost including turning your car off and lights off then lights back on to illuminate the ghost. Some say it must be at midnight while others argue it must be the time when the boy was hit. It is also suggested you turn your car off and walk away from it with the lights off. I am not too sure what any of these practices have to do with summoning spirits but there are hundreds of testimonials. I personally believe that this rumor of the paranormal puts people at risk. Not at risk from ghosts but people who know there are people driving into the middle of no where and turning their lights off and getting out of their car. Sounds like an ideal setting for a robbery or other more grim crime. I stumbled upon a short article that was posted on 3/28/15, about this ghost that had a picture of the setting.

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