Saturday, March 28, 2015

Death Omens

Death omens can be found in many different cultures around the world, and can be as simple as watching a picture fall off the wall, or as hard to understand as a cry of a banshee. People investigate death because they do not fully understand it, and some people take comfort in their faith in what they are taught. Some things that are believed to be signs of death, include a mirror that breaks while still on the wall, a stopped clock, a picture falling off the wall, an owl seen during the daytime, a dog that howls for no reason during the night, a bird pecking at the window, and a cat that leaves the home and refuses to re-enter. More complex warnings include hearing a mournful cry or howl (the cry of a banshee for Irish families), hearing a carriage outside your home, or seeing a black dog with or without glowing eyes.

Furthermore, it is also believed that when a person is about to die they will speak to people in the room that can only be seen by them and no one else. There are many theories regarding who or what they are talking to. Christians believe it is Jesus or angels who have come to guide them to the other side. Others believe it is a deceased family member there to make the transition to the other side easier. There are also people who believe it is just their brain shutting down. In my opinion, the idea of death omens is an urban legend because everything that is said about them are just beliefs that vary among religions. The death omens as previously mentioned are common things that could occur on any day, while the cry of a banshee is also part of folklore with no concrete evidence.

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