Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Anti-Vaccination Myth

A hot topic in the past few months has been the speculation around vaccines. The people who are against vaccines are known as "anti-vaxxers." These people have demonstrated a genuine distrust for vaccinations. Anti-vaxxers believe that the vaccinations are used to spread diseases or illnesses. This irrational thought is focused around the belief that these vaccinations bring about other disease. The diseases or conditions that are brought about are usually conditions that are not able to be completely explained. This is the focal point of their argument. If the conditions are not easily explained by science, the anti-vaxxers could state that the vaccinations have brought about the conditions that are being experienced. The anti-vaxxers attempt to add firepower to their argument by targeting childhood conditions. This is because people are more emotionally attached to children, Therefore, if a anti-vaccine group states that a vaccine caused their child to turn out autistic, people would be more inclined to get behind this group of protesters.

I believe that this form of thinking is dangerous to all. Vaccines provide us with protection from previously dangerous diseases and illnesses. If everyone was to accept vaccines, it would be at least possible to eradicate some of the world's deadly diseases. However, if these anti-vaxxers start growing in numbers as time goes on, the general population will be at risk. The anti-vaccine movement is an extremely selfish idea. These people are jeopardizing the health of many other people and children. Dangerous diseases such as measles would stand a chance at returning. According to Jacqueline Harris of the Huffington Post, anti-vaxxers claim that a study has shown that vaccinations cause autism. However, Harris states that the study that these people are referring to, has been retracted. The researcher, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, was vacated of his medical license for falsifying information.

Three elements of thought at work in this idea are assumptions, concepts, and purpose. The anti-vaccination people assume that because a disease does not have a specific cause, that it was brought about by vaccinations. These people also use this form of thinking to create theories about vaccinations. Some believe that autism is due to vaccinations. This idea has a purpose behind it. These individuals would like to eventually bring an end to vaccinations. They have a goal in mind that they wish to achieve. However, it could be very dangerous and perhaps, cause certain diseases to start taking lives again.

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