Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Many people believe in the powerful abilities of mediums and feel closure with family members and deceased relatives after a medium performs a seance. There are several websites that actually describe the proper procedure for conducting a seance, which includes gathering around a circular table with at least three individuals, placing a natural aromatic food in the middle of the table, lighting candles, repeating a chant numerous times, and connecting with the dead. An average seance should last at least thirty minutes and mediums promise positive results from their work.
Many people believe that there is some truth and logic behind the information that a medium exploits, but a lot of people carry the notion that mediums are nothing more than people pretending to have obnoxious and incapable abilities.
There is said to be differences between "real mediums" and frauds. Fake mediums usually ask a lot of leading questions (i.e.- "Who died in a car accident?" the psychic medium might ask, when what he should have said was, "I have someone in spirit here who died in a car accident."). They also present general messages, instead of detailed and in depth ones.
In the pseudo scientific world, people have positive opinions about mediums. Some say they were able to contact their deceased relatives and find closure. They can live at peace because their loved ones are safe. A lot of people buy into the notion that mediums can contact the dead and continue to pay big bucks to have people like Theresa Caputo contact their families.
An element of thought that applies to this topic would be the question at issue. Are mediums real and do they possess the ability to communicate with the dead, or do they just use leading evidence on naive people to make it seem like they are out of this world extraordinary? A question that remains a mystery in the pseudoscience world.


  1. Unfortunately, some legitimate psychics and psychic mediums ask a lot of questions, too, which is why it's so difficult for the average person to know if someone is real or not. 2) Fake psychic mediums and scam artists present vague, general messages rather than accurate evidence.

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