Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Does Time Travel Exist?

      Have you ever wanted to defy the laws of time and travel to a faraway land that can only be reached by traveling through multiple dimensions in time and space? Part of what draws individuals to television shows such as Doctor Who or Outlander is a yearning for the unfathomable. We all know that time travel doesn't exist, but could it exist sometime in the distant future? According to top scientists from the University of Glasgow and Imperial College London, time travel will be available in the year 2100.
       Apparently, time travel has already been achieved by cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev. He was successfully able to travel 0.02 seconds into the future. Even though this may not seem like an important number, experts agree that this proves that the notion of time travel is possible. According to Albert Einstein, time and space are virtually the same thing. The Einstein-Rosen Bridge Theory created in 1935 by Albert Einstein and his colleague Nathan Rosen state that a wormhole or bridge as it is sometimes referred to can connect two different points of time. This passageway allows easy access between the two points and would allow you to get to the other end in a matter of minutes. On the popular Science fiction series Doctor Who it is called a rift. The rift is what allows The Doctor to travel from one point in time to another so quickly. In the popular Starz television series Outlander, Claire travels from the 1940’s to the 1740’s through a wormhole that is in a Druid standing stone.
       Sadly, Einstein never discovered the existence of wormholes and to this very day no one has found one in space. If individuals really want to travel through time they would have to wait and see if it would even be available by the year 2100. As much as we would like to believe that time travel truly exists, we do not have enough specific facts and figures to prove its existence beyond a reasonable doubt. If we look at the Elements of Thought, we can easily see that these scientists were grabbing at straws. They interpreted Krikalev’s mediocre attempt at time travel to draw the conclusion that time travel exists and that it’s possible. Even if by some bizarre twist time travel becomes available, not everyone would have access to it. The very thought of the issues and paradoxes that could occur as a result would hinder any possible chance of breaking the barriers of time and space.   

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