Monday, March 16, 2015

Lucid Dreaming or an OBE?

I have always been interested in out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. I believe that I've also experienced an OBE in my lifetime. One night, I found myself floating above my body in bed. I was scared at first, but quickly adapted to the situation. I was able to lower myself to the floor and began to walk around my room. In the corner of my eye, I noticed a dark figure standing in my room. The figure seemed to have a demonic presence and it didn't strike me as friendly. The next morning after my OBE, my mom said that she saw a dark figure in my room as well. She got out of bed and went to approach the figure, but when she entered my room, the figure was gone. I did not tell my mom about my almost identical OBE, rather she was the one to speak about of it first.

So now I question whether these experiences were lucid dreams or OBEs. From reading our class book, Scientific Perspectives on Psuedoscience and the Paranormal, I learned that lucid dreams and out of body experiences can be easily confused. The idea of dualism (a soul separating from a body, or an OBE) stems from religious beliefs, and ancient times. People today still believe in dualism because of the strong connection between religion and souls separating from the body.

Going back to the elements of thought, the belief in dualism depends on one's interpretation. Some people may interpret their experience as an OBE while others do not. This interpretation is a product of information (another element of thought,) which is gathered throughout one's life. If someone grows up in a religious household that believes in dualism, then the information this person receives at church and at home will promote dualism. Growing up in a household of dualism believers will lead a person to interpret their experience as an OBE rather than a lucid dream.

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