Monday, March 2, 2015

Can Dreams Predict The Future?

There are many people who believe that dreams can predict the future.  These dreams are called "precognitive dreams", according to the definition, a certain dream does not necessarily have to predict a person's future, it can be predict anything in the future.  Some people claim that precognitive dreams are another way for our minds and or bodies to express themselves. Supposedly, when we suppress our deepest hopes or fears, they must find a way out and that's how most precognitive dreams happen.  

On a large scale, many people often claim that they had a precognitive dream about something that happened in another place in the world.  This could simply be coincidence, there are about 7 billion people dreaming every night, there are chances that many of us will have dreams that will be able to relate to many things going on all around the world.  

On a smaller scale, when a person has a dream and then something alike happens to them in the real world the coincidence is much greater, but is it really just coincidence?  
In 1865, Abraham Lincoln had a dream that he attended to a funeral in the White House.  When he was in the funeral, he asked someone who's funeral it was and they said "the President of The United States."  Two weeks later, he was assassinated.  

On Thursday, February 26th, I had a dream of a car accident I had last year.  This dream is more like a reoccurring nightmare and on February 26th, I woke up because of this nightmare.   That morning, it had snowed and the roads were not very clean so on my way to school my car slid and I lost control of it.  The car spun and crossed the opposite lane and backed into the woods.  No one was hurt and there was only minimal damage to my car but I immediately remembered that I had that dream and wondered if it was a precognitive dream.  Was that dream warning me or telling me that I was going to be in  an accident in a few hours?

According to the Elements of Thought, the concept of precognitive dreams could explain this coincidence but there is no scientific proof or anything that can validate the relationship between my dream and my accident. Even though my dream and my accident only happened hours after the other, this could be simply a coincidence taking into account that I've had that dream multiple times and nothing has happened before.  Also, another Element of Thought that can apply is "interpretation and interference", maybe I am just trying to find a justification for my accident or an explanation for my dream. It all depends on our interpretations and "points of view."

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