Monday, March 23, 2015

Animal Communicator

There are many people who go around and call themselves animal communicators. They say they can understand an animal's feelings, pain, and even "see" what the animal is experiencing. People believe that as humans we all have been born with this ability to talk to animals, but due to outside influences when we are children, being told we cannot talk to them, many people ignore that this is a possibility. It is believed that many animals do not necessarily "speak" to us with "words", but communicate through showing feelings and experiences. The communicator tends to be able to describe images and feelings they receive from a specific animal to that animals owner. 

Sonya Fitzpatrick is one of the worlds most widely recognized and trusted animal communicators. She does work to help owners and their animals communicate between each other. Sonya has her own show on Satellite radio, Sirius-XM, on Sundays from 5pm-7pm ET, which has thousands of listeners who call in about their animal issues. Sonya is known for conducting massive seminars as well as doing private readings for clients. She has clients from your everyday person to celebrities such as Tori Spelling and Ellen DeGeneres. She has also been on many TV shows and was featured in People magazine and USA Today. 

Depending on a person's views will depend on if you believe in animal communications. There are thousands of people around the world who follow this profession and with any job in the paranormal field, some people believe they have this ability and other people are straight frauds. If a person is wanting to try animal communication it is important to not offer loads of information to make sure it does not get regurgitated to you in a different way. Also, if one has to make the choice of paying their fee and you are hesitant, go to a vet instead. Make sure you know what you want to ask, google the person's name, and remember that time is money when talking to most.

In my opinion I feel that animal communication is another form of cold reading, but then looking at how many people follow these communicators and have that small sense of wonder in my mind if it is possibly real. 

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