Saturday, November 29, 2014


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     Nessie also known as the Loch Ness Monster has been known to supposedly been lurking and haunting the waters of Lake Loch Ness in Britain.  This lake is the largest body of freshwater in Britain and it also just happens to be home to one of the biggest sea monsters ever.  Nessie could be many things but many believe that Nessie is an old water dinosaur that never died and supposedly lurks and lives in this giant body of water.  Many scientist have searched the lake and have not come up with any substantial evidence weather or not this monster lurks these waters.  Many have claimed to have seen it but there are many logical explanations.  Most of these sightings were seen from far away.  The most you see is a shadow.  This could be maybe a loose piece of driftwood.  Also maybe another animal that maybe was taken at a certain angle.  Even to go so far that maybe it could be an elephant truck (which is highly unlikely, but still a little more likely to be possible).  The question also begs what if it is possible that this could be real? The seas and waters are one of the most unexplored parts of our world.  Some say that we know more about the moon than our oceans.  Also, recently they found an ancient shark that existed way back in time off the coast of Japan.  So why can't Nessie exist?  Is it because of a fear of the unknown? Is to protect the people from fear of a sea monster? The world may never really know the truth of Nessie which makes it a mystery.
Photo: Swimming elephant may have been Loch Ness monster


  1. I hope they find one I think it would be cool.

  2. I think that many things can still be found in the depths of our oceans that have never been seen before

  3. I always have been interested in the Nessie myths. Some of them make you want to believe in it.

  4. i've always been fascinated by the myths behind mythological creatures such as the loch ness monster, pretty cool.