Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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La Casa Matusita
La Casa Matusita is an innocuous-looking yellow building in Lima’s center, at the intersection of Garcilaso de la Vega and España. However, many, many Peruvians claim it is haunted. The legend goes that the house was the scene of a horrible crime; one story claims that a Japanese-Peruvian slaughtered his family and then committed suicide, while another holds that a formal dinner party turned into a massacre after the guests were given hallucinogens. Ever since, reports are that the second floor has been haunted, with no one able to enter and maintain his or her sanity. In the 1960s, a television reporter was alleged to have gone crazy after entering the building in an effort to prove believers wrong. The second floor remains allegedly remains vacant. Skeptics have another explanation, however. They say that the ghost stories were invented by the US Embassy, which was located next door during the height of the Cold War. The diplomats feared that someone hiding in the house could spy on the embassy, and fabricated the stories to keep people out.

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