Monday, November 24, 2014

Graphology Test

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I decided to take a Graphology test online that required me to write a few sentences in my own handwriting and then sign my name in order to test my results.
This is what they had me write:

"Civilization means refinement. It means replacing savage habits by good ones. The savage condition of man is barbarism. Civilization means getting away from barbarism. Man is civilized when he works for the good of the society. 
(New Paragraph)Something happened today and you start supporting or condemning it without thinking about its future effects is obviously not sign of a civilized person. 
(New Paragraph)Overall, we can conclude that a man who is unselfish and is fine with others is a civilized one. The line between good and bad is what separates a civilized and uncivilized person."
I automatically noticed several spelling and grammar mistakes within the paragraph and wondered if they would skew the result.

My results were:

"Kyrstin, your handwriting reveals that you are an extrovert and spontaneous.You need a lot of space, unwilling to concentrate or confine your energies on the small details of life. You're quick in your responses and possess spontaneity.
Kyrstin, the above is only a glimpse of your personality which we concluded from analyzing just two of your 11 handwriting traits - Size & Speed. We have prepared your 14-page Personalized Handwriting Analysis Report which will show your complete and true personality based upon the detailed analysis of all of your 11 handwriting traits- Slant, Style, Stroke, Baseline, Margins, Spacing, Pressure, Size, Speed, Zones, Signature. Kyrstin, it's time you get to know yourself better."

Funny, I'm definitely not an extrovert nor am I spontaneous. The rest, interestingly enough, required a membership that you had to pay for.
Everything they said was pretty general and I think it speaks for itself. It's totally unrealistic.

The website I used:

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