Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Dreams Come true!
This statement is true in my family, Im not saying we are witches or psychics all Im doing is speaking the truth. My grandmother my mom and I dream things with meaning and that actually happen and I'm not talking about "oh i dreamed with a dog so that means best friend and this means that my best friend and I will be good friends forever." Im talking dreaming something that will happen exactly the next day. For example my mother had dreamed that the door bell ringed and it was one of her friends coming to the house to tell her she was getting married,then she left and came back again. She woke up and told the story to my father and my grandmother During breakfast the door bell ringed and It was the same friend she had the dream with saying she was bringing the invitation for her weeding but that she hadn't brought the venue confirmation because she though they were still in their vacation so she left and came back to bring them the venue confirmation so they can also assist to the venue. Thats one out of many stories one of my most painful dreams that came true was me dreaming that my great grandfather had past away during those days he had been sick but unexpectedly got better. In my dream i seen him in a suit all dressed up but laying still and i reached to touch him and he was cold i woke up crying and told my mother about my dream, hours later we got a call saying he had passed away. So on we have many dreams that happened and have come true mostly just about our family or close friends things that will happen to us or people close to us. I don't know how or why this happens to the three of us but whatever it is Ive lived through it and no one can tell me other wise. This is my personal experience with dreams coming true.

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