Friday, November 21, 2014

Illuminati Conspiracy

Illuminati Conspiracy
It is believed that Illuminati consist of many powerful and elite people, they are either seeking to rule the world or they are already in control of the world. Defining exactly the concept of Illuminati conspiracy is extremely difficult because over the years the conspiracy was altered and had additional conspiracy added. Illuminati is a secret society that had began by Jesuit priests, and then was conducted by five councilmen. Their mission was to gain super power, all they wanted to achieve was world domination for a higher power. Its believed Illuminati is involved in politics, religion, world’s economic system. Many of the big organizations with incredible amount of power like United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the International Criminal Court are accused of being part of Illuminati. It is believed that Illuminati is responsible for controlling the mind of average human beings, by altering our thought process, press, educational curriculum, and political leadership. It is believed that Illuminati has a very strong grip on the major banks. The illuminatus control how the economy is throughout the whole world, they control  recessions, inflations, and depressions.  Illuminati is creating the “New World Order,” where they will be the leader and controller of the whole world.
Illuminati is such a popular and well known conspiracy amongst everyone, especially adolescent and young adults. Everyone seems to suspect powerful and popular celebrities to be an Illuminati. Many people like to correlate a celebrities success with illuminati. Any celebrities that would make any hand gestures would automatically be connected to and associated with Illuminati. The illuminati conspiracy has become very powerful and extremely bizarre over the past few years. It no longer focuses on couple of guys wanting to seek full power of the world, but rather associates celebrity with selling their souls to illuminati for fame.

The following video provides some facts about illuminati:

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