Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Man-killing Monsters = Female=Man-killing Monsters?

Post # 4:Man-killing Monsters?=Female=Man-killing Monsters?:
In many a mythology, the downfall of mankind is more often than not, something female.In Greek mythology, the Siren's song("sirens" according to myth, are half-bird, half-women) lures sailors to their death. In Egyptian mythology, in one famous myth, the goddess Hathor(or Bastet) does too good a job of punishing mankind for its wickedness, draining so much of men's blood that even the god Ra, who gave Hathor the order to punish humanity in the first place, grows frightened of Hathor and the zeal she showed in fulfilling her actions. And in Japanese mythology, kitsune are sort of for shape-shifters who(as normally fox-like creatures) take on the forms of women to attract and/or kill man to (possibly) gain power. But why are these powerful creatures female? It could have to do with idea of the wonam as "the other"-a species seperate from men that want to either nurture or do harm to men in genreal. Whatever the reason, I hope that would help you stop and think the next time you cheer for the big, strong male hero to destroy that evil demon seductress.

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