Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lucid Dreaming

            Lucid dreaming in its essence is being aware and in control when you’re dreaming. Sleep paralysis is the experience that no one ever wants to associate themselves with. Lucid dreaming on the other hand, is a pleasant one. There are two ways in which you can lucid dream.  The first one being an initiated lucid dream and the second one being the wake initiated technique. For the majority of us that don’t intend to practice lucid dreaming, the probability of entering the lucid dream state is random.

Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming
Are analogy for this would be a ghost being able to interact instead of observe. When experiencing a dream you can’t really do anything, but just observe. A dream initiated lucid dream is being in a dream and finally realizing that your presence can alter events.

Wake Initiated Technique
A wake initiated lucid dream is entering the dream world in a state of consciousness. There are no apparent lapses of consciousness and you have a sense of yourself having an out of body experience. It tends to happen when you’re physically tired, but you have something very pressing on your mind.
What happens then?
            A lucid dream is an out of body experience when you’re in control of all 5 senses and an experience in which you decides what happens next. In a sense it’s more realistic than an actual dream even though you could do something like flying. Some dreams are also quite blurred, but lucid dreams are experienced with full clarity. Lastly, you can just do about everything imaginable in this dream.
It helps your overcome personal issues and fears. So… That monster under your bed, won’t be a monster anymore as you imagine wielding the most destructive weapon on Earth incinerating it to oblivion!

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