Saturday, November 29, 2014

Big Foot Real?

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       Many people believe that big foot is real.  Many have claimed to have seen something that relates to a bigfoot.  Bigfoot is also known as a Sasquatch.  These Sasquatches  supposedly vary in sizes as tall as around 8 feet.  They say that they travel in the woods and use highway towers as a highway or guide to get them around.  A lot of us want to believe that these creatures are real but the question begs whether or not it is possible.  The show Finding Bigfoot that came out recently travels around the country and tries to find a sasquatch, but in the show they always seem to come close but they can never show you actual footage of these beast. the closes that they can show you is a heat sensing camera that can only show a big red blob and according to these scientist these are bigfoot sightings.  Now we have to also say that it is not impossible that these creatures could exist.  We have no biological proof as to why they couldn't exist or maybe could've existed. So we always have to look at the possibility that they could very well be alive and maybe just hiding.  Another thing to think about is that myth can very well come from some fact so maybe sasquatch was really just a way to describe a really big gorilla or some kind of ape like creature.

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  1. I think with how much technology we have on this planet then we would have found some kind of evidence of big foot by now