Saturday, November 29, 2014

Is Inception Possible?

Post for Psychology experiment
   Many of us have seen the movie Inception which was about a team that actually tries to implant ideas and new concepts into dreams. This movie had sparked my interest and the idea of is it possible to share dreams and really be so in control of your dreams that you can create new architecture and be in control of the characters? After doing some reading it appears that some things from the movie might not be completely far fetched.  Although some concepts like limbo or the idea that one has to die in their dream to wake up are not true at all some things could be possible.  The first step is to understand what is lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreaming is the idea of almost being in control of dream and realizing that it is a dream.  There are actually ways of training yourself to become a lucid dreamer.  The same way that the characters have a sort of totem for a reality check is the same way that a lucid dreamer would do something similar to check whether they are dreaming or not.  For example if you were to look at your hand and count your fingers and you see five for each hand then it is reality, but if you were to do the same thing and you count six fingers or even four then you are in a dream and that is when you can do anything in your dream.  Once one realizes that they are dreaming then the possibilities are endless in what you can do.  Then the other question ask can one communicate with others through lucid dreaming?  This question is a little more unknown, but an advanced lucid dreamer named Robert Waggoner claims that it is possible in his book called Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self.  Therefore, maybe we should take a look at this fictional movie and maybe explore the possibility of creating new worlds in our dreams and exploring our inner unconscious.