Sunday, November 30, 2014

EXTRA POST#5: Handwriting Analysis( and we'll apparently see mine)

Well, ever since I saw that one seen Catwoman where the police guys analyzed Haley Berry-Catwoman's handwriting, I've wondered if it was an actually was a real thing in real life. What I've found is that it's a little more complicated than that. Graphology  is basically the study of person's characteristics through their handwriting alone. This is very shaky, because it bases evidence about a person purely based on how big or small or slanted or straight their handwriting is. Thus, it seems a little silly. However, there are people who study handwriting on the police force, but they distance themselves from graphologist in general, calling it "unreliable". So that crushed my Catwoman dreams.

Here's my graphology results though!: 
"You like to keep life in perspective and have a fairly straightforward way of viewing yourself and others. To you, Life is neither a stage nor a tragedy play! Do you find yourself depressed about something in your life about now? You can take it or leave it when party invitation time comes around. That is, some you will take, and others you will kindly decline. Nice. You like to be quite consistent about who you are and what you put out to other people for a personality representing you. 
     So you don't mind being an original thinker, eh? Well, good for you. The world needs more original people who can get on out there and break a few molds so that we can use the pieces to build new ones. After all, we don't grow as a society either by overwhelming strict compliance to norms, or by total defiance of them either. But you mild original thinkers are a good place to start new ideas brewing. Great. Do you like singing to yourself? Skippy and friends have nothing on you there, eh? You don't mind infecting other people with your optimism and your hopefulness about this world's state of affairs. Should in general make Jean a welcome guest, though certain cynics might sound a call of "Oh, no it's Jean again!" as they see you coming. Seems some people can't stand to be surrounded by such buoyant optimism, and so seem a little less enthusiastic to be around a positive person like yourself. (Maybe they feel threatened by your willingness to be positive?) Well, we all have our days of flux, but it seems that your life might be more like a mad rollercoaster than a quiet peaceful stream in the woods, to put it mildly! You probably have quite a bit of difficulty letting go of things and could be prone to digestive disorders due to your unwillingness to seek peace and quiet. Have you ever thought about why your emotional roller coaster is as it is?"


  1. taking it or leaving it is usually the two choices you get when you are invited to a party haha

  2. It is so broad,that I can't take it seriously. But in you opinion did the person do an "alright" job?